Dining at Micronesia Mall

Micronesia Mall offers more than 45 dining options, from snacks and quick service to sit down restaurants. Explore the restaurants throughout the Mall and various eateries in the Fiesta Food Court.

Sit Down Restaurants

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  • Beachin Shrimp

    Beachin' Shrimp

    Telephone Number: 637-8001 / Location: 2F/FC

  • Korea Place

    Korea Place

    Telephone Number: 633-4151 / Location: 2F/FC

  • Dennys


    Telephone Number: 637-1802 / Location: 1F/C1

Fast Casual Restaurants

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  • Cube Teppan And Grill

    Cube Teppan & Grill

    Telephone Number: 989-4679 / Location: 2F/FC

  • Burger King

    Burger King

    Telephone Number: 637-2251 / Location: 2F/FC

  • Sbarro


    Telephone Number: 633-4563 / Location: 2F/FC

Snacks & Drinks

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  • American Bakery

    American Bakery

    Telephone Number: 633-8882 / Location: 2F/C3

  • Cinnabon


    Telephone Number: 633-2667 / Location: 1F/C4

  • Coffee Beanery

    Coffee Beanery

    Telephone Number: 633-5761 / Location: 2F/C3