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MIMO: Micronesia Identified Moving Objects

MIMO: Micronesia Identified Moving Objects

"Pelota Pagoda", which we have affectionately nicknamed "MIMO", by George Rhoads.
Dimensions: 26’ x 10’ x 10’ (8m x 3m x 3m)

In the summer of 1987, Joseph Chua, Managing Director of Goodwind Development Corporation, commissioned George Rhoads, the artist, to create a three-dimensional audiokinetic sculpture for the Micronesia Mall. The artist’s studio worked closely with the Mall’s Architect, Frederick Sun, to determine the proper size and location of the sculpture in the mall.

The final sculpture design consists of three sections reaching a total height of twenty six feet (eight meters). Billiard balls and basketballs are propelled by gravity into circuitous tracks randomly colliding with an assortment of chimes, xylophones, cymbals and bells. Along the way counterbalanced arms, "elevators" and mechanical hoists, place the balls "back into play". The "Pelota Pagoda" sculpture contains many of Rhoads' trademarks such as a helix, a corkscrew-shaped ramp, a loop-the-loop, and a wok near its base, into which the balls fall with a clang, then create a whirring sound as they make the cylindrical descent to a hole at the base.

The top most section is a combination of the large "ball machine" above and a towering "mechanical piece" consisting of three large sets of rotating shapes. The shapes will rotate around their individual axes, orbit around the central hub ("gimbals"), and move up and down, all at speeds between .5 and 2 rpm. This adds a strong vertical element to the piece, making it even more visible from a distance.